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State of rivers in India - a collective responsibility

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Since time immemorial, civilizations have been built around rivers. They have not just been a lifeline, but have been worshiped around the world. It’s a sad state then when one gets to see the sight as below.

It’s a irony that we have left no stone unturned to pollute Ganga which is known to wash away all the impurities of the world. Not many years have passed when people would walk down to the local rivers to collect drinking water and for bathing. You will think more than twice before doing any such thing now. Not a single river today is free from pollution.

One needs no lecture to realise that our well being is tied to the state of rivers. It’s not just the major source of drinking water (post treatment now), but also important for irrigation, transportation and hydel power.

River pollution is not just causing water-borne diseases, it is disrupting the ecosystem as a whole by having an adverse effect on the aquatic life. With increased pollution in rivers, quality of groundwater is degrading as well. It’s hard to imagine how people can be so indifferent to such a critical situation.

For once, there has to be a realisation that it’s a collective responsibility and not just the government’s problem. Society, industries and government have to work together to solve this menace. Every small and big act will count. We at Bombay Center for business and strategy are committed to the cleaning of our rivers and are ready to work with people from different segments of society, industry and government to work towards a cleaner India.

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