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With a proven track record of delivering successful projects, our output focussed approach helps us deliver results aligned with organizational strategy of our clients. Today when there is growing realization that big and traditional consulting firms are not adding proportional value in line with their reputation, we come with an owner's mindset. We understand that you have nurtured your business over the years as your own child.

We care for your business as our own and help create an environment which promotes better decision making. We provide measurable results and through our output focussed aproach, we make things happen.

We are fully invested in India's growth story & strive to bring quality advisory to SMEs & Startups which has long been denied to this sector but what they so immensely need. We provide service standards acceptable at the top multinational organizations.

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Senior Consultant,

Bombay Center For Business And Strategy

Rajan Kumar

Rajan had a decade long career in investment banking industry working with organizations like HSBC, RBS and UBS in ​a host of roles managing different divisions. He was with a leading Wealth Management firm in London before joining Bombay Center For Business And Strategy, a trusted advisor to organizations across public, private and social sectors. Bombay Center aims to reduce India's dependency on multinational consulting firms by offering our highest quality advisory services to governments, multinationals and small and medium businesses. 



—  Vikas Kumar Singh,

Director, Divya Contractors And Builders Private Limited

Truly trusted advisors 

"Committing substantial funds to a new business was an important decision. Bombay Center made sure we put our money at the right place from day one"

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