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Why you need to be in India right now

Rapid urbanization, increasing consumer spending & a value driven democratic setup are set to propel India to the centre of world global supply chain 

How strong are fundamentals of Indian economy

India has made rapid strides in ease of doing business & infrastructure development over last five years. The fundamentals of this growth story are pretty solid & unshakable. India is witnessing rapid urbanisation & increase in spending power. Already world's third largest economy by purchasing power parity, the continued shift towards urbanisation & increase in disposable income will make it an even more attractive market. 

Demography is another pillar of this growth story. The world's second largest country by population is also world's youngest. There are over 60 mega urban zones in the country each with over million population. As if this was not enough, rural parts of India are showing a sustained increase in disposable income as well. A country of 1.3 billion people which is fast taking out its poor from poverty & which is churning millions of doctors, engineers & other professionals every year can be a marketers delight. 

Infrastructure development has picked up considerably in last 6 years. Political parties & people both realise that infrastructure development is one of the keys to winning elections. There is increasing competition between states. The way government is functioning & how investors are showing confidence has only reinforced the popular belief that next decade and many decades after that will belong to India.

Why India is becoming the preferred choice in the post Covid world

India's democratic setup & value based society ​provides a perfect antidote to the growing Chinese belligerence. China was undisputed leader of global supply chain until Covid 19 & Chinese actions after that forced the world to look for alternatives. World needs a replacement which can be as big a market as China with unlimited supply of low cost labour, good infrastructure & technological advancement but in a democratic society. India also has the might to withstand any political or military pressure from China. 

Where does India stand today

India today is at a springboard - ready to be propelled forward in a decade long growth which will place it firmly at the centre of world trade. In terms of growth potential, you can say India is at a place where China was in early 2000. It makes perfect sense to be in India right now because if you are not in India, chances are you will miss the next phase of growth in world trade.

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