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We offer a winning business plan to power your idea!!

Winning Business Plans

A good business plan is needed not just to attract investors but also to give right direction to your company  


A business plan needs to  clearly communicate the idea/ technology and model in easy to understand language

Early Traction

Ability to convince investors about existing audience through early traction or prototype is most important


Its all about money & hence technical feasibility & economic viability will be on top of Investor's mind


Cover key areas like problem, solution, value proposition, IP, customer segments, model & financials

Quality of Team

Collective background and experience of quality team members adds strength to a business plan 

Length of Plan

length of a business plan should be just ideal, depending on the audience - usually 10 to 20 pages

Backed by Research

Quality research presented through key metrics and data points add credibility to a business plan

What we offer

Our Business Plan Consulting services include:

  • Internal and external analysis of relevant micro and macro factors

  • Identify value proposition 

  • SWOT analysis

  • Business plan and implementation schedule

  • Financial Analysis

  • Investor presentation to investors of your choice

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