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Doing Business in times of Coronavirus

Coronavirus has presented unprecendented challenge for the world economy. Industry faces many bottlenecks as they try to get back to normalcy after lockdown ends.


Take the survey on how India plans to bounce back.

Doing Business After Lockdown Survey
Do you think Government was right in announcing early lockdown, prioritizing human lives over economic activity?
What is best path for attaining normalcy?
What are your biggest supply side worries?
What are your biggest demand side worries?
Do you expect government to deal with this on its own?
What can Government do to spur demand?
What should be the way forward for economic structure?
Do you think world will ever be the same after this crisis ends?
By when you expect normalcy to return for economic activities?
What will be your biggest business continuity challenge post lockdown?
How do you see the expected slowdown post lockout?
How effective can be bail out / financial packages?
Do you think embracing digital / going online will help your business?
Are you planning for the future after lockdown?

Thanks for submitting!

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