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Beauty & wellness industry is ready for a major disruption 

A standalone beauty & slimming center started in ​1989 in Delhi was first to introduce scientific methods for slimming in India. By bringing beauty, slimming & Fitness together under the VLCC brand, it later went on to redefine an entire industry by adding new dimensions to wellness. Beauty & wellness in India was an extremely fragmented industry when VLCC started developing this market in 1990s. As the trend of fast beauty & fast wellness gained momentum with rising urbanisation, so did the VLCC brand which now has a presence in 150 cities across 14 countries. 

Ability to connect to customers was a key factor in growth of VLCC. Today when the concept of complete wellness is gaining prominence like never before, new dimensions are continuously being added to it. It was a tough territory for any new mass player when VLCC  started conquered it 25 years ago, it looks similar today with organised segment dominated by the likes of VLCC.

By bringing beauty, slimming & Fitness together, VLCC redefined an entire industry by adding new dimensions to wellness.

VLCC did well 25 years ago by converting the threats into opportunities. A very similar situation prevails in the market today which is waiting for a serious new entrant who can bring new concepts to the industry. A challenging market from above can actually offer many benefits which will aid in quick growth of a potential mass market player.

Continued growth over next many years.

As the trend of urbanization & desire to look & feel good will only increase, the market for beauty & wellness industry will see a continuous rise.


An army of franchise owners

While VLCC witnessed massive growth in the last decade, it wasn't able to address concerns of the franchise owners many of whom are waiting in wings to switch sides or have already started standalone centers after disassociating with the brand. These franchise owners come with an existing customer base, expertise & trained workforce which can be a huge advantage for any new mass player 

A developed market

A new market, riding on aspiration of people in Tier II cities has been developed by the likes of VLCC. This only adds to the increasingly high spending customer base in metros.

People looking for fresh ideas

People are more open to new wellness concepts today then they were before & are willing to experiment. The Beauty & wellness market is waiting for new players with new ideas.

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