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Why work with us

     Our outcome focussed approach helps us align results with strategy while bringing positive organizational change. We solve your complex business problems and create value which lasts long after our engagement process has ended.

    We understand you have nurtured your business over the years as your own child. That is why it becomes important to choose a right partner. We come with an owner's mindset and develop tailor made solutions for your unique needs. At Bombay Center for Business And Strategy, we believe that the measure of our success is your success.

Change is an important tool to convert challenges into opportunities but organizations seldom get it right.

Learn how to get change right.

A treasure of knowledge is on the verge of being lost along with the Vedic Sanskrit language. 

We are doing our bit to preserve it.

Get more from your business

Why do companies hire Business Management Consultants

Organizations can lose focus of their long term strategic goals while firefighting daily operational issues or their mission and vision can outlive their utility. Over a course of time they also accumulate inefficiencies in their processes which cost them in the longer run. In upto 80 percent cases, leadership of an organization is aware of the nature and probable solutions to a problem. However, they may not have in house capability, know how or time for effective diagnosis, validation and implementation. Consultants help identify and bring positive change in those processes & culture. 

     New and small businesses hire consultants to help define their long term strategic direction, develop optimal organizational structure to enable future growth or to develop a business plan or strategy for their business projects. Most important task of a consultant is to clearly diagnose the problem and identify core concerns or focus areas. Next steps are to present a clear set of action based recommendations, a well structured strategy and an implementation plan. Consultants do much more than just providing advisory.

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